What is a good SOP?

What is a good SOP?

Statement of Purpose is the essential document for your visa application. Many students pass it off like it is just another essay about them, and naturally, write a monotonous statement that doesn’t stand out. That is why the university admissions committee and visa officers have put a hefty weight on SOP and their structure to see whether you have genuine intentions to study at their institutions and country.

Know what a good SOP is? Follow the set of precise routines, and find out the SOP guidelines for writing a fantastic essay.

What is SOP?

SOP is an extended essay document required by universities abroad during the application process. The full form of SOP stands for Statement of Purpose; an SOP is easy writing that states the purpose of applying to study a particular university course. This statement states who you are, what you will become, and your credibility to pursue a specific course in any institution.  

Understand what statement of purpose means

SOP document gives a short description to understand your life and motivation to follow your career goals. Discuss the incident that made you choose to take up this course by enrolling in any institute/ college for a better career path.

Why is SOP important?


SOP is important for you when you want to enroll in a university abroad 

SOP is important because, with a good SOP, you can guarantee yourself a seat in the university that you are applying for. Not to mention, many candidates’ SOP is looked up by the admission committee before announcing their decision. In your SOP, academic records and relevant transcripts are a vital objective for your SOP.

Through SOP, a candidate can showcase their aspirations, experience, academics qualification, and communication skills. SOP is vital because it can be easy to grab the committee’s attention with a good statement of purpose. They can understand and be convinced to guarantee you a seat.

SOP is the only document for your application that will help you to grab an opportunity to make you stand out from the rest. This is why SOP is important to determine your admission into a renowned university.

Guidelines for Convincing Statement of Purpose (SOP)

When applying to study, be it undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate program, writing a good SOP is a must. From your academic and professional background to the career aspiration, connecting the dots is necessary to attain your desire University and course.

When writing SOP, the write-up needs to flow smoothly, covering your experience, current involvements, and plans. The key to having a powerful and convincing SOP is to divide your essay into paragraphs to make the readers understand what you want and what you are looking for. The following is the SOP guidelines that you can follow to present yourself powerfully:

1st Paragraph: Introduction of SOP 

The introduction of sop is different from the self-introduction. This is because you should talk about what you want to discuss in your SOP rather than introducing yourself in this paragraph. There are different ways to go about this paragraph, such as: 

  • Mention your long term goals and link it with the course you are applying to. 
  • Talk about the study field you have selected and discuss how you want to add to that field.
  • Clarify your background within 2-3 lines to link it with your future goals. And mention what made you choose the current course. 

2nd and 3rd Paragraphs: Academic Background and Professional Experience

In this section, your academic and professional background is to be mentioned in detail: what have you been doing, what have you studied (if for undergraduate detail on what you have learned and if post-graduate what major have you studied), strengths regarding your academics and other relevant projects, etc. regarding your professional experience discuss it in the approaching paragraph. It can help you in launching your career progression.

4th Paragraph: Why This Course?

Discuss why you decided to take the course and what modules you would study in this course. Also, mention what skills you would obtain within the period besides getting exposure to other relevant needs to understand your goals. 

5th Paragraph: Career Goals

In this section, mention your short and long-term goals. Short term goals like what you want to do right after completing your course. For example, you graduated in Digital Marketing from Curtain University in Australia, and you can apply for an internship in The Digital Marketing Company. This can help you to gain on the job experience to build up your profile.

 Here, you discuss where you see yourself from 5 years down the line regarding your long-term goals. Mention where you want to work in the future and what position you look forward to working as. Also, write what you want to do after returning to your home country, i.e., Bhutan. For example, if you’re going to operate your business, mention your business aims, goals, and core values. Be confident in yourself and portray how you can bring changes to the emerging trends and related fields.

6th Paragraph: Why This University?

This paragraph is essential; you need to mention why this university is suitable and why you are an adequate candidate for them. Not only about why this university is appropriate, but also say about the course they offer to study, qualified faculties, research work, and the activities held in the university. This can help you in enhancing your profile.

7th Paragraph: Conclusion of SOP

When closing your SOP, you should leave an impressive conclusion on the admission committee. Mention your wish and willingness towards the university and the chosen course. Emphasize your objective, determination, and motivation, without leaving room for rejection.

To finish your conclusion for good SOP, recheck your work by proofreading it yourself or with the help of a friend. Before reaching the final write up, drafting your work is necessary. 


Statement of Purpose stands for SOP; it is evidence of your personality portrayed in front of the admission committee to get enrolled in the desired university abroad. Through SOP, you can impress the committee when they go through your statement explaining your behavior and other relevant details apart from your academics background. After knowing the SOP guideline, write your SOP with the guide’s help to make it robust and convincing.

Guarantee yourself a seat with a good SOP. An original write-up will let you stand out from the rest of the candidate. The admission committee will remember your SOP if you have a well-written essay. Write and take your SOP sample to Global Reach, and they will help you to improve your SOP.  

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