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                            About education consultancy in Bhutan 

The Education practice and Placement corporations (ECPFs) in Bhutan are established to help students aiming to pursue higher studies and build upon selections on the choice of programs and colleges/institutes/universities outside Bhutan. They provide guidance and assist the scholars in obtaining registered in appropriate courses in recognized establishments across the globe.

Global Reach was founded in1995 since then its has been a leader in content management solutions, custom web development, and trusted digital marketing agencies. Global Reach has a longstanding reputation for being the most comprehensive study abroad, advisor, Representing overseas institutions in Bhutan. They will advise you on career opportunities and match individual student profiles based on appropriate academic background, aptitude, and career goals. They are aware of the options available and offer first-hand advice when visiting overseas academic institutions. Global Reach was awarded “Education Agency Of The Year” by  PIE News.

Reasons Why You Should Consider a Consultancy to Study Abroad

Best reasons to consider a consultancy 

1.Experience Matters

Experienced student consultancy has the skills to provide students with personalized services. You can always rely on a well-known consultant to start your dream journey. Find and select the appropriate course and university from the available options. They allow you to perform the process easily and effortlessly. The role of education consultants is to guide students to the right place based on their previous academic qualifications, experience, skills, comfort, and discomfort, and career goals.

2. Assistance for Study Visa

The process of obtaining a study visa varies from country to country. Good consultants will conduct mock interviews so you can be prepared and trust the “big day”. You know the tips and tricks that will help you solve all these “light” simplicity problems.

3. Financial Support and Coaching

Many universities/colleges offer special scholarship programs and other financial incentives when students apply through consulting services. However, the benefits may vary. Besides, some consulting services such as provide students with teaching services for standardized tests (such as IELTS) at reasonable prices. It must be unique and contain all the key elements that admissions officers are looking for. Regardless of your academic performance, you need to be able to obtain guidance from a study abroad consultant.

4.Quick Response

The ultimate goal of such consultancies is to fetch fast responses from universities or colleges abroad. Since international establishments receive thousands of applications each year, it becomes quite troublesome for them to strain the foremost promising or the most effective students. By obtaining the services of a consultancy, you’ll be able to get quick responses. This makes the method faster, simpler, and smoother. Consultancy, you’ll be able to get quick responses. This makes the method faster, simpler, and smoother.

Get the best services from Global Reach

Services Goble reach provides 

1.Comprehensive Counselling 

With the variety of skilled counselors, it offers specialized, comprehensive, and even-handed data to you. Content is made-to-order to suit individual requirements, taking into thought a student’s background, aptitude, interests, and career goals. Global Reach was honored in 2008 by AEI (Australian Education International, Australian High Commission) to have the best number of qualified counselors than the other agency within Indian and for the high number of British Council certified Education United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland counselors. 

 2.Application processing

Organizing the applying pack is that the stepping stone towards obtaining an admission. we tend to assist you in rightly making ready the application, guaranteeing that everyone’s documents are in place, thereby increasing the possibilities of securing an admission. Most universities provide scholarships with specific eligibility criteria.

3.Visa counseling

The visa team will help you analyze and organize visa documents effectively. If necessary, mock interviews will be conducted to better prepare the real interview for the client. For Australia, they are authorized agents to issue student visas directly under the protection of an e-visa.

4.Selection of programs and universities

The global reach team helps you make the right selection in choosing a course that’s related to your future career. Enrolling in the right university is an essential part of the whole study abroad process. The applicants in selecting the establishment best suited to your needs, considering numerous factors resembling tutorial backgrounds, take a look at scores, location preferences, and individual aspirations.

5.Test preparation

Universities often need international students to submit tests like SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL/IELTS. we tend to assist you to prepare for these tests if needed via our associates who are specialists within the domain. Additionally, free sessions are offered to our registered clients at some locations.

Goble reach provides consulting services to study in the following destination :

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. New Zealand 
  5. USA

Goble reach is one of the renowned education consultancies in Bhutan and has grants 3270 visas to date. They Not only are knowledgeable about available options but offer advice based on first-hand experience by visiting foreign academic institutions.

Now you know more about Global reach and its services, So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and apply today for a bright future.

Website: https://globalreach.bt/

Call us @2334362

Directions:23 Norzin Lam 2,4th floor Thimphu

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