Why Study in New Zealand?

Why Study in New Zealand?

New Zealand – The most popular study destination for international student

New Zealand, the Land of Long White Clouds, is an island country suited in the South Pacific Ocean. The country has a population of approximately 5.1 million. 

New Zealand is one of the world’s most recognized and accredited education systems by the British government. The country is internationally reputed for offering quality education, a safe learning environment, profound education opportunities, and different support services for international students.

Here are the top reasons why you should consider studying in New Zealand;

Is it worth studying in New Zealand?

  • Globally Accredited Qualifications 

The world recognizes the universities of New Zealand.

According to QS World University Ranking, all New Zealand universities are ranked amongst the world’s best universities globally.   Qualifications earned from New Zealand universities are seemingly recognized in over 50 different countries. Universities in New Zealand are the pathways for any international students who wish to upgrade academically. 

New Zealand is also considered the top English- speaking country for an international student by the Economist Intelligence Unit in 2019. 

  • Research-Based Learning

The practical way of teaching – Study in New Zealand

New Zealand focuses on research-based teaching, where all students will have to deal with real-time situations in systematic and organized ways. It follows the same education systems of the United Kingdom (UK).  Individuals will be taught how to work independently and as a team at different levels.

All activities are designed to develop different skills like; creative thinking, team building, resilience, and many more. 

  • Brighter Post-Study Opportunities

Numerous future scope after graduating from New Zealand universities.

New Zealand offers rich post-study opportunities in research for any student. The country is well-equipped with highly experienced faculties, laboratories, renowned technologies, equipment, and many more. 

New Zealand is considered the hub of research and development that consists of physics, geology, healthcare, engineering, astronomy, computer science, agriculture, and more fields. International students also enjoy privileges like working full-time while studying in universities. 

  • Safe and Tranquil 

New Zealand – The second peaceful country in the world.

New Zealand is the safest and peaceful country in the world for international students wishing to study abroad. According to the 2017 Global Peace Index, among 162 countries, New Zealand ranks the world’s second safest country to live in.  

It is also the least corrupted country globally, ensuring as the most anticipating country to dwell and study. 

New Zealanders are open-minded and believe that every individual is free to live as per their preferred lifestyle. Laws of the country avoid exploiting the people where they are provided freedom of expression. 

Are you worried about the danger caused by wildlife?

Though the country is populated by wildlife, it is well protected without worrying about its violent activities. 

  • Quality of life

The best country to relax your mind.

The quality of life in New Zealand is impressive compared to other rest countries. You are free to move around the country without any restrictions. 

I. Climatic Conditions

The moderate temperature to enjoy the lifestyle.

The country has a temperate climatic condition where you will experience a relative pace of warm, dry summer, wet winter, and mild cold. New Zealand has four seasons a year that last for three months each. 

II. Beautiful sceneries

The beautiful scenery binds the country

New Zealand is known for the enchanting environment scenery; beaches, forest, mountains, and many more. It is the best place for vacation to come across blue beaches, greenery forests, and blue braided rivers. It is a perfect place to explore every corner as incredible vistas surround the country. 

Access to Part-time work

Varieties of part-time jobs available for international students.

According to the New Zealand government’s formalities, international students can work up to 20 hours a week during your study or vacation. If you are pursuing a master’s in research or doctoral degree, you can work full-time without any restrictions. 

You can find part-time work in varieties of fields like sales, deliveryman, restaurant, and many more that are more convenient. 

Is New Zealand cheap to study?

New Zealand – The best country to develop English speaking.

Studying in New Zealand can be a little expensive, but an appropriate budget plan can make it a lot easier. It is essential to plan the expenses before visiting the country abroad concisely.  The country’s cost of study primarily depends on the type of qualifications, universities, or school. 

Every university has its fee structure, and they differ among different universities. Courses like humanities, arts, and other education courses are much cheaper than engineering courses.  Here are the estimated courses for various programs;

  1. Undergraduate degree – NZ$20,00 – 25,000 annually
  2. Master’s Degree – NZ$19,000 – 29,000 annually
  3. Doctoral Degree – NZ$ 6500 – 9000 annually 
  4. MBA – NZ$31,000 – 50,000 annually. 

New Zealand is the most beautiful and safest country in the world as per the global rankings. From sceneries to culture, the country is the best place and study destination for you to begin your career. Global Reach, Chundu Enterprise ECPF is Bhutan’s number one overseas education consultancy firm that guides enthusiastic students to study abroad in different international countries.

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